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6 Ideas to Boost Employee Morale

Many employers create a rigid and stressful work environment with the aim of boosting staff’s performance. But does it really work?

In fact, employees that feel stressed are more likely to disengage, quit, or have mental health problems. These are the hidden costs that all leaders need to be aware of.

It has been proven that positive work cultures are more productive and beneficial for both employers and employees.

Here are 6 ideas to boost employee morale that you can apply right away for your business.

1. Encourage work-life balance

encouraging work-life balance to improves employee morale

The consequences of employees’ burnout can be damaging to businesses. Employees with mental health problems and stress issues are demotivated and more likely to quit, which causes a huge cost for employers.

As managers, you should encourage staff to spend time for themselves and with their families. Don’t force them to work overtime 6 days a week and email them in the middle of the night.

Show your employees that you want them to work hard, but they shouldn’t forget to balance their work and life. This reduces the pressure on employees’ shoulders and they are more likely to feel enthusiastic and optimistic when they get to work every morning.

2. Value employees

One way to improve employee engagement is to make them feel like they are an integral part of the company instead of just working for the company.

Managers should give recognition, provide constructive feedback, answer questions respectfully, and explain changes in the company explicitly to their staff. Make your employees feel as valuable as they are to your business.

If employees feel they are trusted and valued, they are willing to work for you more than just in their present capacity.

Give your staff the opportunity to learn and grow with the company. Offer them a wide variety of tasks to develop their skills.

3. Nurture workplace relationships

The relationships and environment in the workplace significantly affect the morale of employees. As leaders, you should initiate and organize outside-of-office and interactive activities to nurture relationships between your staff.

You can hold picnics, social events, company trips, and parties to glue everyone together. This way employees have a better chance to get to know each other and bond.

4. Show small caring gestures

Communication is key when leading and operating a business. Besides verbal language and written forms of communication, non-verbal gestures are also a vital aspect that you should care about.

You may think that nobody notices small gestures, but they do. Small caring gestures show that you appreciate and value employees.

Give them small surprise gifts, thank-you cards, or birthday cards. Pat them lightly on the back to motivate. Do high-fives.

Be kind and caring to your employees. This will benefit both you and your staff in the long run. Make sure that you show these gestures with genuineness rather than being fake, because people notice, too.

5. Encourage innovative thinking

creative thinking encourages employee morale

Creative employees are always beneficial to any organization. They may have more ideas and solutions than you think.

Encouraging staff to share their thoughts and involving them in the decision-making process are good ideas. Employees will feel like they are making valuable contributions to your business.

6. Be a role model and mentor

Managers should instill a sense of duty and responsibility by their attitude and how they treat their subordinates.

Be the authority figure for your employees. Keep learning and enhancing your own knowledge and skills to show that you can lead the team to success.

Don’t hesitate to share with staff your personal ambitions and the future vision of the business.

A leader should also be a mentor to help employees set and accomplish their personal and professional goals. Be always there when your employees need advice. Provide them with the motivation and positive work environment.


Employee morale is one of the primary keys to a successful business. Boosting employee morale should be a nonstop effort throughout the operation process of your business.

When employees are happy, it is easier for the business to maintain high performance and profitability. You can also avoid the hidden costs of employee turnover and reduced productivity.

What do you think? Try to apply some of the listed ideas above to see how you can make a positive impact on your employee morale.

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