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How to Use National Scavenger Hunt Day to Boost Employee Morale

Did you know that National Scavenger Hunt Day is coming? It’s celebrated on May 24 every year. This means it’s time for a scavenger hunt at work!

Scavenger hunts have been a favorite activity in events and occasions for ages. They’re suitable for people of all ages and of different settings. In fact, many companies use scavenger hunts as a way to improve team bonding and employee engagement.

So let’s find out more about scavenger hunts, fun clues to make them more interesting, and how to organize them at work!

What is a scavenger hunt?

A scavenger hunt is an activity in which participants find and collect items, or perform activities from a pre-planned list.

Let’s go through the basics of a scavenger hunt:

  • Divide people into teams.
  • Prepare a list of items and activities.
  • All teams have to find items and perform activities from that given list.
  • The first team to get all the items, or the most items, or complete all activities on the list, wins.
  • You can add riddles, tasks, and clues to make the game more fun.

And you don’t have to be present at work to join this activity! When many companies start to work remotely, you can participate in virtual scavenger hunts instead.

National Scavenger Hunt Day ideas for employees

Here are some great ideas you can use for your team:

1. Add odd items to the list! If you don’t have the items, you can print out photos of them.

2. Print out multiple photos of your team. The one taken in the year your company was founded would have some clues in the back!

3. Look for clues from the business owner, CEO, board members, team managers.

4. Managers can use riddles, clues, and tasks to help team members engage in the company culture.

5. If your workplace settings are always the same, you can let team members look for things that are out of place for the next clues.

6. Employees have to answer company trivia questions to continue with the hunt.

7. Design mini-challenges throughout the scavenger hunt, such as taking odd selfies or play Amazing Race.

8. Prepare fun prizes for the winning team. All participants have a pizza together after the hunt.

9. Don’t forget to share photos of your team’s scavenger hunt on social media with the hashtag #ScavengerHuntDay to share the joy.

10. If your team is currently working remotely, you can organize a virtual scavenger hunt with the Scavify app!

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Fun scavenger hunt clues for your employees

1. Find the member who first joined the team and take a photo of them, without them knowing.

2. Find five kinds of snacks and cafes in the room/building/department.

3. Find employees who have tattoos.

4. Search your company’s name on Google with the word “hamburger”. Submit the first result.

5. Count how many cups are in the room/building.

6. Shoot a TikTok video in which team members have to dance to a fun song.

7. Take a photo of your team making different emoji faces.

8. Take a selfie with the manager.

9. Take a photo of team members washing hands and wearing masks.

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Fun virtual scavenger hunt clues for employees

1. Search for “chicken dance” on YouTube and share a result you find the most interesting.

2. Look up “funny cat memes” and choose a result you find the funniest.

3. Share a funny selfie in your camera roll with your team.

4. Share a screenshot of your Amazon cart.

5. Take screenshots of your mobile menu.

6. Take a video of your break activity (eating snacks, napping, etc.).

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How to create a scavenger hunt at work?

1. Create a list of clues/items/activities. You can take the ideas above or come up with your creative ideas!

2 Decide where the hunt will take place, and for how long.

3. Decide on the prize for the winner.

That’s it!

National Scavenger Hunt Day is coming. What are you waiting for?

With little preparation, you can boost employee’s mood and get everyone engaged through a simple scavenger hunt. 

Let’s start having some fun at work on National Scavenger Hunt Day this year!

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