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3 Restaurant Management Checklist Templates You Can Download

Being a restaurant manager, you may have too much on your plate, from planning shifts for staff and checking inventory to welcoming customers and serving tables.

That’s why we created these 3 free restaurant management templates to help you save time and simplify your work. Having the essential procedures in place, you can focus more on the big picture rather than small and tedious stuff.

The templates are customizable, so you can change them depending on your needs.

Restaurant cleaning checklist template

Cleaning is an inevitable part of any restaurant. Not only a spotless restaurant is attractive to customers, but it also maintains hygiene standards, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This checklist includes every detail of the cleaning process. Your staff can quickly check who’s in charge of what, and know the optimal cleaning procedures for each shift.

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Restaurant server checklist template

Your servers face and interact directly with customers every day. How they serve customers and complete tasks ensures your restaurant’s workflow and reputation.

This template will make your servers’ job easier. It lists out every task that they can follow, from opening, during to closing shifts. Your staff will know clearly what they need to do, what steps they should take, and what you expect from them.

restaurant server checklist template

Restaurant closing checklist template

To close your restaurant properly and make sure it’s neat and prepared for the next day, you need a restaurant closing checklist.

Customers may come early. The last thing you want them to see is a messy restaurant and your staff running around cleaning and arranging stuff.

Fill in this template with your restaurant’s specific tasks, from cleaning and reorganizing things to making sure your business is safe.

restaurant closing checklist template

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