Performance Review Examples That All Managers Should Refer To

Do you often feel hesitant and stuck because you don’t know what to write in performance reviews?

Well, the good news is you are not alone because many entrepreneurs have the same problem as you do.

Don’t worry! We’ve compiled a list of performance review examples to help you provide quality and perfect feedback for your staff.

What is a performance review?

A performance review is an appraisal made by managers or directors to review an employee’s performance at work. Performance assessment is an effective method that helps employees know how to promote their strengths and improve their weaknesses.

Besides, performance evaluation also supports managers in accurately appointing good staff to the right positions, or eliminating ones that work ineffectively and might delay overall business development.

Performance review examples that all managers need

If this is your first time conducting performance assessments, you might wonder how to choose the right words to include in the evaluation report.

To overcome that situation, you can refer to the following performance assessment samples.

1. Phrases to evaluate productivity and quality of work performance

Knowing about their productivity and work quality will help employees know what their strengths and weaknesses are. Managers can also take advantage of this part to motivate and help staff overcome barriers at work.

Some sample assessment phrases


  • Having a positive attitude, proactively completing work.
  • Improving job A at…%
  • Work autonomously, creatively, and have his/her initiative to achieve his/her goals and overcome challenges.
  • Always proactively collect necessary information and tools to get tasks done on time.
  • Actively set criteria to evaluate his/her work and continuously strive to meet those criteria
  • Set specific, measurable goals.
  • Actively share and help colleagues complete their tasks.


  • Sometimes A is not responsible for his/her mistakes.
  • He/she makes incorrect decisions and always sets goals that are beyond his/her fulfillment.
  • Having trouble in communicating and working with colleagues.
  • Take on too many tasks and rarely ask for help from colleagues. This leads to missing due dates sometimes.
  • Easy to distract and procrastinate at work.
performance review for employees development

2. Phrases to evaluate attendance and punctuality

Attendance and punctuality are core qualities for any position. Employees who are often absent and late will significantly affect the whole company working process.

Some sample assessment phrases


  • Always be on time.
  • Good working performance, always adheres to his/her/company work schedule.
  • Rarely absent, always adhere to company policy.
  • Know how to arrange time off logically.
  • Attend meetings on time, always be well-prepared before every meeting.
  • Always complete work on time/before the deadline.


  • Recently, A has been quite distracted, often late, and no longer cares about his/her work.
  • Having a good relationship with colleagues, but still having problems that haven’t been solved with the leader.
  • Obey the general company schedule, but when there’re unexpected things requiring A to go out of the office, A often leaves without reporting to his boss. This sometimes affects work results.

3. Phrases to evaluate interpersonal skill

Interpersonal skill is an essential factor that both managers and employees need. Communication skills here include directly communicating with bosses or colleagues, and communicating via digital gadgets such as phone, email, and working support tools.

Some sample assessment phrases


  • Good at both verbal and written communication.
  • Know how to build relationships thanks to friendly, open attitude.
  • Aren’t afraid to talk with strangers.
  • Always raise good questions, positively contribute, and provide constructive feedback.
  • Can explain confusing problems in easy-to-understand language and sentences.
  • Capable of summarizing, conveying full content of conversations with others effectively.


  • Frequently missing important notes in meetings.
  • Limited communication ability leads to poor relationships with co-workers.
  • Lack of confidence in communicating with strangers.
  • Not having good communication skills, making people misunderstand messages.
  • Continuously chat privately in meetings.
  • Often share no feedback, contribution, or idea in meetings.
  • Failure to respond to messages promptly.
interpersonal skill to improve employee performance

4. Phrases to evaluate teamwork skill

Teamwork is an indispensable skill in any organization. Effective collaboration is the key to effectively completing the job and achieving determined goals.

Some sample assessment phrases


  • Have a team spirit, ready to cooperate with team members to complete work.
  • Very good at encouraging other members to do their best at work.
  • Regularly makes a significant contribution to the team’s success.
  • Regularly share expertise with colleagues.
  • Good pressure handling ability.
  • Willing to change to get on well with team working style.
  • Always work wholeheartedly for the success of the team.


  • Having constraints in sharing expertise with everyone.
  • Not actively cooperating with others.
  • Only focus on working independently, not actively helping team members.
  • Blame others for problems or poor results.
  • Don’t know how to coordinate well with group members to achieve general objectives.

5. Phrases to evaluate creativity

Creativity will help create breakthrough ideas, motivate your business to grow positively, and achieve unexpected results.

Some sample assessment phrases


  • Always take a fresh look at all issues.
  • Regularly come up with creative ideas to solve problems.
  • Constantly looking for new ideas and new ways to improve work performance.


  • Be rigid, refusing to open up to new ideas.
  • Conservative, always follow the same and old paths.
  • Only change when required and do it with a state of reluctance.
  • Afraid of creativity.
performance review that all managers should refer to their employees

6. Phrases to evaluate high-tech skills

90% of work today is done on computers and modern technology equipment. To complete our jobs well, we need to be proficient and adapt quickly and flexibly to new technology.

Some sample assessment phrase


  • Have a good knowledge of technology and can apply it effectively.
  • Understand difficult technical concepts to explain them to others clearly.
  • Quickly learn new software and work tools.
  • Solve technical problems with ease.


  • Should participate in training courses to improve technical knowledge.
  • Difficulty in learning new technology.
  • Don’t have basic knowledge of needed technical applications.
  • Not actively learning and updating new technology at work.

The performance assessment process is not as complicated as you think. Even if you’ve just got to know it, you can apply the above performance review examples immediately.

We bet they can help you accurately see your employees’ capabilities and are a useful tool to promote positive improvements to your business working apparatus.

Haven’t had enough of performance review examples? We’ve got 340 more phrases like these for you.

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