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How to Write a Food Runner Job Description [Template Included]

Food runners ensure that the front and back of the house are in sync. They have to deliver food to tables properly and make your guests happy. That’s why you need an engaging food runner job description to attract the best candidates for your business.

But how can you write one? We’ll show you how. We also include a template so you can modify it based on your recruitment needs.

Job profile

A food runner, also known as a server assistant, supports waitstaff in delivering beverages and meal items to assigned tables. They are responsible for talking with waiters to assess their needs, transporting food from the expediting counter to the appropriate table, and assisting with cleanup chores when the service is over.

You can put a brief like this, make sure to put your desired time and shift you want your candidates to fulfill:

“We’re seeking a motivated and experienced food runner to join our restaurant. Preparing tables, serving orders, explaining meals, and promoting teamwork between kitchen and wait staff are just some of the activities you’ll be doing. We’d like to meet you if you’re interested in gaining restaurant experience and learning how to give a great dining experience. You must be available to work a variety of shifts, including weekends, to be considered for this position. 

Finally, by serving our guests’ meals in a timely and precise manner, you will ensure that they have a high-quality dining experience”.

Responsibilities & duties

Instead of listing the attributes you’re searching for in a food runner, the responsibilities and duties section is the area to discuss the details of the work. You need to use the right keywords that correspond to what you’re looking for in a food runner. By doing this, your prospective employees can understand the message you’re attempting to convey. 

  • Provide assistance to customers with their orders by discussing promotions, meals, and beverages, as well as making recommendations
  • Deliver meal orders to a wide range of clients on schedule
  • Explain food orders to cooks clearly, paying close attention to special requirements
  • Assist the wait staff by setting proper dinnerware, eating utensils, decorations, and napkins on the tables
  • Assist in making customer satisfaction reports to forward to management and other relevant parties
  • Assist with setting up tables with suitable utensils, napkins, and decorations before service to ensure guests have all of the necessary tableware to fully enjoy their cuisine
  • Handle a variety of unplanned consumer requests
  • Remove dirty dishes and utensils
  • Inform restaurant’s staff about customers’ feedback


In this part, you’ll describe items like experience, education, and personality attributes that you’d prefer the candidate to possess. Make sure to include any traits that weren’t mentioned in the previous sections.

  • Having worked as a food runner or in a similar entry-level position at a restaurant is a plus
  • Have an understanding of health regulations and food safety
  • Physical stamina and ability to handle heavy trays and stand for lengthy periods of time
  • Work in a variety of shifts, including weekends
  • Multitasking abilities
  • Good teamwork skills
  • Observant and attendant to all customers needs

Download food runner job description template

You don’t want to hire bad food runners because they can upset the flow of service at your restaurant.

Simply use the information and the food runner job description template in this post to find the best people for your business!

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