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8 Affordable and Practical Ideas for Celebrating Nurses Week

We can’t deny the important role of nurses, especially during this difficult time. National Nurses Week—the time when hospitals, clinics, and healthcare facilities show honor and create celebrations to nurses—has come.

National Nurses Week starts on National Nurses Day—Monday, May 6—and ends on May 12. Sadly, many medical staff are in a critical ward, and finding time to celebrate is even impossible.

Whether your medical facilities are in critical circumstances or not, don’t forget to show your recognition for nurses’ hard work. Even small appreciation gestures can bring so much meaning and motivation.

So let’s go through some affordable and practical ideas for celebrating Nurses Week at your workplace.

1. Create an honor roll for nurses

Creating an honor roll for nurses is a great way to acknowledge their devotion and contributions to your unit, department, or hospital.

You can put the list in public areas or notice boards so that it can be seen by everyone.

2. Sing a song together

If you’re facing a situation where there’s no time for celebration, you can ask everyone to sing a song together. Simple, yet motivating! Invite other staff to chant along, too.

3. Organize a party or luncheon

Many medical facilities organize parties to celebrate this special week. Staff can bring their own food for a potluck party or simply hang out together for a luncheon.

However, if your area is currently in the COVID-19 zone and crowded events are limited, you can use other ideas instead.

4. Give gift cards and vouchers

Gift cards and vouchers for online shopping, restaurants, and spas are practical gifts that everyone will love. You can contact local businesses and ask if they can provide coupons at a better price.

5. Offer coffee, tea, sweets

Some people can’t live without caffeine, and bringing them their favorite beverages will certainly put a smile on their faces.

You can buy coffee and scribble motivational quotes/drawings on the cups, or make the drinks by yourself. Everyone will appreciate it.

Some staff may not prefer caffeinated drinks, so you can offer them candies or cookies instead.

6. Spread the word about National Nurses Week

National Nurses Week isn’t only a time for honoring nurses, but it’s also an opportunity to raise public awareness. You can show the world about the work of nurses and how they contribute to the community by spreading the word.

If your business has social media, you can share stories of nurses and express your support and pride for them. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #NationalNursesWeek.

7. Inspire your nurses by talking about nursing pioneers

Nothing is more inspiring than to talk about significant figures in the healthcare industry. It shows honor to the pioneers and encourages nurses to advance in their career.

You can talk about Florence Nightingale! The last day of National Nurses Week—May 12—is actually her birthday. Being a nursing pioneer, Nightingale had contributed tremendously to laying the foundation for professional nursing.

8. Get nurses’ suggestions about how to celebrate Nurses Week

You can involve nurses in the celebration-planning process by asking them for suggestions. You can voice the above ideas and ask for more ideas from the nurses. They can vote for the events or activities they prefer most. This way everyone’s happy!

Let’s start celebrating National Nurses Week!

We know it’s been difficult for the medical staff these days. National Nurses Week is just around the corner and maybe your hospital can’t even celebrate it properly.

We hope the list of ideas for celebrating National Nurses Week above can help you show appreciation towards your nursing staff whether your hospital is in a critical zone or not.

We appreciate all the efforts and hard work of people working in the healthcare industry. We hope you’re all keeping safe and healthy.

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