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10 Practical Examples of Communication Goals for Your Business

Do you know that companies with effective communication practices are over 50% more likely to report turnover levels below the industry average?

To boost the communication effectiveness in your business, you need to set the right communication goals and take action to accomplish them. But how?

Today, we’ve got 10 examples of communication goals for you. Take some ideas and apply them to take your company to the next level.

1. Share your company’s vision, strategies and goals clearly

Your company’s vision influences your business strategies, goal-setting, and decision-making process.

Don’t just discuss these important matters with only management roles. Share them with your employees so that they can understand what they’re working on, why certain tasks are carried out, and the quality of work required.

Explain them clearly so that your staff can understand and remember what you’ve told them. And be careful when sharing confidential information.

2. Show employees the big picture

As mentioned above, the fundamental step to clarify your communication goals is showing your employees the big picture.

Your staff need to be aware of the current situation of the industry, the position of their company on the market, the competitors, the latest trends and insights, and more.

Discuss with them the developments and changes in the industry and your company. Motivate them to think flexibly about how to adapt new business strategies to match the big picture. Ask for their ideas and thoughts.

To adapt with the market, start to express communication goals

3. Be more engaging, objective, and active when communicating

Try to make the conversations more interesting by interacting with your staff, asking them questions, etc. Be more engaging in presenting your ideas to keep your workers interested.

When talking to your employees, be objective. Reflect on situations based on facts rather than feelings and subjective opinions. Don’t just see things from your own point of view.

Besides talking, you have to be an active listener. Listen to your teams’ questions, feedback, and response. Be open-minded when encountering innovative ideas.

4. Inspire and communicate with your employees regularly via different channels

You should try different types of communication methods and channels at work, for example, communicate via video training or outdoor activities. See what works best for your team.

By communicating regularly, you can fully convey your ideas and strategies to your staff and ensure they’re on the right track.

You can even send some funny memes and inspirational quotes to your teams. Who knows, your messages can really make someone’s day! Showing your staff your enthusiasm and genuine care is one way to boost their morale and engagement.

5. Manage emotions

The process of giving and receiving information comes with various emotions, positive, negative, and everything in between. If you and your staff can’t control how to express emotions, it can affect the quality of communication.

Control your emotions and be wise when responding to others. Learn how to notice others’ tones, feelings, and messages, then react accordingly.

6. Check-in with your staff frequently

Most companies nowadays have increased the frequency of check-ins with their employees to create stronger bonds in the workplace.

This is an effective way to communicate with employees, listen to their feedback and comments, identify if they’re having problems, and motivate them in times of stress.

Make sure you give your staff the best place and an ample amount of time to talk. Acknowledge their accomplishments, listen to their problems, and discuss work-related issues. Show them you’re willing to listen.

7. Organize activities to improve team communication

Sometimes, communication doesn’t always have to happen in the workplace. Organize team-building activities, outdoor games, and company parties. Invite your staff out for some drinks or lunch.

Through conversations, not only do your team get closer together, but the goals and vision of your company can also be expressed.

Managers need to organize activites to improve team communication goals

8. Develop an internal communication campaign

An example of a successful internal communication campaign is The Royal Mail’s newsletter transformation campaign. The company has won an award for turning their workers’ newsletter into a more attractive version. Employees can access the new digital version and read the newsletter anytime on their own devices.

To craft a successful communication campaign, you need to consider factors such as the campaign’s objectives, research about relevant aspects, measurement of the campaign’s impact on your business, and steps to make it happen.

You can apply the SMART criteria to write specific and attainable goals for your campaign. Make sure it’s realistic, clear, and achievable.

9. Use social media or team messaging software

Sometimes, it can be difficult to meet up with all your staff and see how they’re doing. Social media, as well as employee management software with a team messaging feature, are fast and efficient tools to connect with your staff.

Set aside your time to wish your employees a happy birthday, congratulate them on their new achievements, and chat with them. This is a convenient way to understand them better and engage with them.

10.  Effective email communication

A big part of workplace communication involves the use of emails. But not everyone knows how to write proper and effective email exchanges.

Consider the words wisely in any emails you send out. Proofread and have someone else proofread your emails. Take some email courses yourself and provide good ones for your employees.


And there you have it! 10 practical examples of communication goals to get you started. Set and apply some ideas to your business to upgrade your and your company’s communication today!

Want something more specific? Check out our post on setting communication goals using the SMART criteria here.

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