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10 Quick Team Building Activities to Bring Your Team Closer

Creating a connection among team members helps improve teamwork and strengthen the bond in the workplace. Quick team building activities are one fun way to build that connection.

Here are 10 quick team building activities you can organize right away in your workplace. They’re hassle-free, inexpensive, and of course, fun!

1. Group exercise

You can organize sessions where your team members practice simple exercises such as jumping jacks, push-ups, squats, or stretching together.

These exercises can take 5-10 minutes during the middle of the day when everybody feels like sleeping.

This is not only a fun and quick team building activity, but it also helps release stress and allows your employees to stretch, especially if your team spend a long time sitting and staring at the computers.

But not everyone is a fan of exercises, so you can discuss the benefits of these activities and ask if your staff are willing to participate.

2. Bingo

Bingo at the office? Sounds full of noise. But this game can connect coworkers quickly.

Instead of putting in numbers like the normal Bingo game, you can use different traits and questions such as “Where do you want to travel to?” or “What’s your favorite food?”.

Ask your teammates to go around and chat with each other to fill in the bingo card.

This is also a way to find out who shares the same hobbies and interests, which leads to stronger bonds between people in the team.

For new teams, you can also apply this quick team building activity as an ice-breaker to build familiarity and effective teamwork in the future.

3. Go out and grab some drinks

If you don’t want to limit the location of team-building activities, how about treating everybody with some drinks? Go to a local bar or pub nearby, order some cocktails, and chat with your teammates.

Try to lead the conversation as people might feel shy to open up at first, and eventually turn it into a fun night with no distance between you and your co-workers.

A karaoke bar is also a good idea if you want to have more fun.

You can also rent a portable bar and hire a bartender to your workplace during break time, maybe a DJ too (bold move, as long as it doesn’t break the bank)! A round of drinks brings everybody closer and enhances understanding among people.

Make sure everybody’s safe to drive home to avoid the 3 AM walk-of-shame.

4. Sharing secrets

You might think it’s inappropriate to ask somebody to share their secrets? Don’t worry, games like “Never Have I Ever”, “Two Truths and a Lie” or “Who Am I?” are a safe and fun way to learn more about others without interfering too much with their lives.

These games encourage creativity and build familiarity with your coworkers. Questions shouldn’t be too personal and you don’t force your employees to reveal or explain anything they don’t want to.

5. Pictionary

Pictionary is a good old but quick activity that you can organize regardless of your team size. This game might need some extra preparation but it’s worth it.

All you need is a large set of papers, some cue cards (Pictionary cards), and color markers.

Divide your employees into two teams. Give one player from each team the cue card and they describe the word on the card by drawing. The other teammates guess and shout out the answer.

Because the rounds of Pictionary are relatively short, it’s a great idea for when you need to uplift the mood of your workplace quickly. Through this activity, you can understand your team members’ interests and how quick they are.

You can integrate Pictionary time into a part of the break time. Try to mix the teams once in a while so everybody has the chance to work with different coworkers.

6. Trivia night

To play this quick team building activity, divide your employees into teams. Ask them a trivia question and give them 1 minute to answer. If there’s no answer and the time runs out, other teams can have the chance to steal.

The trivia questions can be found easily on the Internet, but check them carefully to avoid inappropriate ones.

Because teammates have to brainstorm together to get the answer, they can work on their teamwork skills and bond with each other more.

7. Paper Tower

“Paper Tower” isn’t simply a quick activity, but through this, your team can practice organizational, planning, and time management skills.

Give them a set of A4 paper. In 10 minutes, they have to brainstorm and build the most sustainable tower without any tapes to stick them together. The team with the tallest free-standing tower wins.

This activity allows them to work together in a short period to come up with the most creative and effective idea. By doing this, they can improve teamwork skills, timing, communication, and mutuality with each other. It’s fun and provides educational value as well.

8. Meditation

Who said team-building activities have to be fun and active? Rewind and relaxing with a group meditation session is also a good idea to release stress while maintaining good health at work.

Simply put some yoga mats out on the floor and play a 15-minute meditation guide on Spotify for everybody.

Meditation is a great way to reduce stress, strengthen everyone’s hearts and immune systems, as well as promote happiness and calmness.

9. Try not to laugh

Expressing your emotions is a great way to reduce stress, especially at the workplace where everybody is meant to keep a decent facial expression all the time. Also, it’s always great to have a good laugh!

This activity is easy and free as all you have to do is turn on a funny video and challenge everybody not to laugh while watching it. There are many funny compilations on YouTube and TikTok.

10.  Egg drop

This classic team building activity will be a great idea to enhance problem-solving skills among your team members, and of course, some good fun is included.

However, it might make a mess on the floor and the janitor might not be so happy. But it’s worth it!

In this activity, your team members build an egg package from different materials such as straws, paper, newspaper, etc. Then put the uncooked eggs inside the package and drop it from a 2-story high. The eggs that survive the free fall decide the winner of the game.


These quick team building activities are effective, cheap, and time-saving ways to bring your team closer while helping them practice various skills needed in the office.

So, which activities are you going to try first for your team?

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