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15 Helpful Management Podcasts That Every Manager Should Listen To

Being a manager requires you to know how to manage people. This means you need to constantly work on your management and leadership skills, as well as other abilities. One quick and convenient way to do this is by listening to management podcasts.

By this, you can earn helpful advice and inspiration while running in the park, commuting to your company, or before your sleep.

But what podcasts should managers listen to? Here are 15 recommendations from Camelo.

1. The $100 MBA

management podcasts for managers

With a duration of 10 minutes per episode, “The $100 MBA” will provide you with valuable business lessons. It is recorded by Omar Zenhom and guest speakers who are top businessmen and experts.

You’ll learn every corner of management and how to improve your business. To be more specific, the lessons are from increasing productivity at the workplace, dealing with risks, or marketing strategies.

These bite-sized podcasts will give you solid business lessons from the best in the game.

2. Mixergy: Startup Stories

With the host Andrew Warner, “Mixergy: Startup Stories” is a must-listen for aspiring leaders. Warner gives you interviews and insightful stories from the best businessmen from all over the world, with inspiring communications about how they built their companies, developed products, increased sales, and many more.

3. The Nice Guys On Business

Doug Sandler and Strickland Bonner—the hosts of “The Nice Guys On Business” offer you the “fresh air” of business and management podcasts as they format the show differently.

With (sometimes) explicit, fun, and informative content, “The Nice Guys On Business” features interviews with thought leaders in different fields, talking about forming integrity, relationships, trusts within modern organizations nowadays.

4. What Great Bosses Know

This image illustrates one of the management podcasts for leaders: What great bosses know

“What Great Bosses Know” is hosted by Jill Geisler – the developer of Poynter Institute’s leadership programs that teach and coach many leaders from all over the world. In the podcast, you can find various practical leadership lessons for managers from Geisler.

Each episode features information and advice based on challenges and issues that leaders tend to face. Most episodes of “What Great Bosses Know” focus on how to build communication strategies, strengthen leadership skills, and trust in the workplace.

5. Self Made Man

“Self Made Man” is where you can listen to helpful advice from investors, business people, and experts in the field of business. With the guidance of the host Mike Dillard, “Self Made Man” helps you gain useful knowledge to develop yourself, enhance the skills that take you and your team to success.

In addition to business and finance, “Self Made Man” also focuses on topics such as building relationships, remaining healthy at work, and many more.

6. Dose of Leadership

This image illustrates one of the management podcasts for leaders: Dose of Leadership

Not only taking about business, “Dose of Leadership” gives you opportunities to listen to various perspectives from different leaders in many fields, from military, healthcare, to even faith-based and religious leaders.

It’s the ultimate option for those who want solid but inspiring and educational interviews and lessons. It’ll be a great tool to help you develop yourself and your team, motivate you to better leadership and management.

7. This Week In Startups

The host of this show Jason Calacanis will introduce a businessman every week to share with listeners all about what’s going on in the tech world. Each episode is a combination of information about technology companies, prominent events, and tech gossip. If you’re working in technology or simply a tech lover, this show is definitely for you!

8. Beyond the To-do List

This is a great show for those struggling in managing and organizing tasks in work and life. Every job requires you to check off a certain to-do list, but what’s beyond that? You can learn how to choose the right project, set goals, and work towards the final result.

“Beyond the To-do List” will give you helpful tips to construct productivity strategies; how to implement them at work and even in your personal life.

9. Tranquility du Jour

This image illustrates one of the management podcasts for leaders: Tranquility du jour

The podcast is all about advice on finding peace and relaxation after tiring working hours, how to balance work and life. With “Tranquility du Jour”, you will earn new knowledge to increase mindfulness and creativity as you work on a new project, or deal with challenges and risks. It’s a great dose of calm and peace designated for you.

10. The Full Ratchet

Angel investor Nick Moran came up with the idea of the show “The Full Ratchet” with the aim of sharing his own difficulties when considering investment options. This podcast also shows you how investors consider projects and what you need to do to convince them to invest in your company.

11. Management 3.0, Happiness At Work

This podcast aims to spread positivity and happiness while you’re working with your team. Because when you’re not happy at work, your employees won’t be either. “Management 3.0, Happiness At Work” features managers, leaders, and experts sharing tips on how they find happiness and the light at the end of the tunnel.

Every week, the show will give you curated content from industries’ thought leaders and how to create happier people at work, and the best way to implement tangible happiness dose in your life.

12. The #AskGaryVee Show

This image illustrates one of the management podcasts for leaders: Ask Gary Vee show

The host of this show is Gary Vaynerchuk, both a CEO and a famous angel investor associated with a personal brand created with social media. Through “The #AskGaryVee Show”, he will help you do the same thing as he does, while also providing Q&A sessions related to the fields of marketing and business management.

13. The Growth Show

If you are searching for advice on growing your business, “The Growth Show” is a great recommendation. Each episode is an inspiring story behind how leaders develop ideas, enhance business strategies, and get their work going. You will find many great ideas and strategies to apply for your company while listening to this podcast.

14. Accelerate!

This image illustrates one of the management podcasts for leaders: Accelerate

The sales sage and best-selling author Andy Paul is the host of “Accelerate!”—the podcast designated to sales leaders on how to create a better strategy to attract more customers, enhance their satisfaction, and outsell your competitors.

Through “Accelerate”, you’ll also learn more about various styles of leadership, how to build a successful team that will help your business to prosper.

15. The LEADx Show

Hosted by Kevin Kruse, “The LEADx Show” features leaders and experts who are at the top of their game. You will earn valuable tips on how to grow your team and develop leadership skills from the best. This is a great podcast if you want to advance yourself and your personal skills every day.


As a leader, you need to be constantly prepared for challenges and gain inspiration from industry leaders. We believe that through our recommendations, you can find the best podcasts to enhance your leadership and management competencies.

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