9 Tips to Maintain Your Employee’s Positive Attitude at Work

Team Management Feb 04, 2021

In the workplace, a positive attitude brings even more than just the joy of working. It not only keeps the employees engaged with their job, but also encourages them to be more productive.

Are you looking for ways to maintain your employees’ positive attitude towards work? Here are 9 tips from Camelo.

What Is a Positive Attitude?

Positive attitude at work is very important
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According to Success Consciousness, a positive attitude means thinking positively, maintaining optimism, and adopting a "can-do" mindset.

What sets apart an employee’s positive attitude from their negative one? It's the way they perceive the world and the events around them.

It's easy for us to experience negative feelings when things don't go the way we want. Employees who can accept and turn negative thinking into positive thinking are more likely to believe in themselves and move forward without being held back by doubts and anxiety.

9 Tips to Maintain Employee’s Positive Attitude at Work

Positive attitude in Teamwork makes the dream work.
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1. Be a nice leader

A study in the Journal of Social Psychology on a group of participants from 18-60 years old measuring the happiness level before and after a 10-day experiment found out that as they perform acts of kindness, their life satisfaction increases.

If you're nice to your team members, you're being a positive role model and creating a positive work environment for everyone. Lots of staff may even start to emulate you and together build a better workplace.

2. Organize positive communication training sessions

Language and communication can affect the atmosphere of conversations in the workplace. An inappropriate word or an inconsiderate comment can bring negative thoughts to other people. That's why it's crucial to hold training sessions about positive communication.

The training sessions should provide your staff with recommended phrases and word choices so that they know what to say in difficult conversations. The goal is to help them exchange messages in a constructive and positive manner.

3. Encourage your staff to smile more

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It might sound silly and all but it actually works. It’s a proven fact that smiling would boost one’s attitude instantly. It releases endorphins and serotonin, which are known as happy hormones.

Encourage your team to think about something, someone, or somewhere that makes them smile whenever they start feeling distressed. It'd be easier for them to adopt a positive attitude with the help of hormones.

4. Create a team morning routine

Your morning would not start off right without a cup of coffee!

Well, it doesn’t have to be coffee. It could be anything one loves to start their morning with. As a business owner, you should create a “nice morning routine” for your team.

Ask your team members to come in early, sit down, and have a couple of beverages together before a busy working day.

Having a relaxing and friendly moment before work allows your staff to balance their mind and get closer together, resulting in more positive attitudes at work.

5. Make some jokes

Maintain positive attitude at work
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You indeed need to be serious at work to maintain work performance. However, some relaxing and funny moments are necessary to boost positivity in the workplace.

Make some jokes, send memes, show some funny clips. These are good ways to keep everyone entertained and happy.

6. Involve your team members

Forcing your staff to do something without letting them decide or having a say would make some frustrated, or dependent. They wouldn’t feel as motivated for the results as when they get to visualize it themselves. They cannot get the point of why they're doing what they're doing.

To avoid dependent and negative attitudes at work, as a leader, you shouldn't skip group discussions. Ask your team for more suggestions. Give them the chance to speak up. Explain so that they can understand the common goal.

7. Embrace teamwork

The worst thing that could happen in a workplace is broken teams. There would be no place for happiness and positive thought to exist if your workplace is filled with jealousy, disagreements, and hatred.

You can embrace teamwork by organizing team-building activities, discussions, or outings. Hold company trips or events. Lessen the existence of those trying to split workplace relationships.

8. Encourage solutions, minimize complaints

Focus on the problem, not the personal relationship
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Sometimes, the job starts to get too hard to not complain. However, constant whining about it doesn't really bring any benefits. It may even generate negative thinking without offering any solutions to the problems.

This is why you should encourage your staff to look for solutions, and to accept the reality when needed. It doesn't mean that they can't whine about anything, but it's necessary to show that you appreciate the solutions rather than plain complaints.

9. Show gratitude towards your staff

No other feeling is better than knowing you are appreciated. Let your team know that they are important to the organization. Show that you’re grateful for their contribution.

You can just simply thank them for their work or reward them with something worthy; either way, your staff’s satisfaction would increase. They would be willing to push themselves to work harder, and yet with nothing but a big smile on their face.


Unlike machines, your staff could be distracted and disengaged from their work if they are not having a positive attitude.

Everyone is beneficial from a healthy working environment. That’s why it’s crucial for you to try and apply the tips above to maintain your employee’s positive attitude.

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