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Here Are 20 Funny Award Titles for Employees

Everyone wants to be recognized for their hard work. Working hard goes hand in hand with being recognized and engaged. By giving away funny award titles for employees, you will not only boost morale but also improve their engagement.

Here are 20 hilarious award titles that give everyone a good laugh while giving staff the recognition they deserve.

Employee awards: spreading positivity in your business! 

There are several reasons why employee recognition programs are a must for any organization. Finding talents is hard, and retaining them at your company is even harder.

  • Research from Gallup pointed out that a majority of 65% of employees haven’t received any kind of recognition for their hard work in the past year. 
  • A study from CareerBuilder also found out that employees tend to stay if they get the recognition they deserve. 
  • TJinsite’s research also reveals that lacking recognition is the main reason that hinders employee productivity. 

Employee award is considered one of the most effective ways to emphasize employee recognition. However, regular employee awards are so popular to the point they become boring. An employee of the month or employee of the year award can sometimes be competitive as well. 

Kind of intense isn’t it? Why don’t you try turning this into something that is fun and enjoyable? Your team would definitely love to be a part of these events.

Tips for creating unique award titles for your company

Funny employee awards are not complicated to create at all. In fact, they are just plain simple with a touch of creativity.  These will surely give your employees a good laugh and a feeling of appreciation. 

Here are some tips you can use to create award titles that are unique and suitable for your company. Make sure that they reflect your company culture and value!

Be thoughtful with your ideas

The true insight of this whole thing is to be funny so you need to make sure that these awards will entertain your employees, not embarrass them. Sexual orientation, religion, race, and weaknesses are some of the sensitive topics that you need to avoid.

Ask for your employees’ contribution

You can gather a group of employees to join in and brainstorm funny award titles for employees. After you got a final list of titles, you can pass around and let the whole team vote for the “winners”.

Try to ask for your employees’ suggestions ahead of time for funnier award categories. Turning this into one of your company traditions would bring so much joy.

It doesn’t have to be expensive!

All you need is a hard copy of the certificate and a small prize for each of the awards. The main purpose is to have a good laugh, that’s why the reward doesn’t need to be costly. 

Instead, focus on each award category and pick something that matches its energy. For example, a mug would be a great reward for that one employee who is a coffee addict in the company. 

20 ideas for funny employee award titles

Here are some of the most practical, realistic, and hilarious award titles that you should check out!

1. The DJ of the Company Award

This is the person who can always come up with a list of songs that is suitable for your company events, whether it’s a staff party or just a chilling Friday. Whatever vibes you need, they got your back!

2. The Stand-Up Comedian Award

We all know an employee who is blessed with their natural humor. They are the sparks of the workplace. Everything they say always brings a good laugh. The workplace just seems to be quiet without their appearance.

3. The Beauty Expert Award

You need any tips for your skincare routine? An honest review before purchasing any beauty products? Just ask them! This one person seems to be so knowledgeable when it comes to makeup, skincare, and beauty.

4. The Flash Award

Give this award to the person who does everything so fast, yet so accurate. Whenever you ask them to do something, they’re always ahead of the deadline with a spectacular performance.

5. The Fashionista Award

This award is for the person who takes the company hall as their runway. They always dress to kill no matter what. You’ll never catch them lacking when it comes to dressing up.

6. The Busy Bee Award

There’s always that one person who you’ll always catch them being busy. They’re either on a call or in a meeting every time you see them. Give them an award for their precious time!

7. The Walking Wikipedia Award

This award goes to that one employee who seems to know everything. From their profession to some really weird science facts, you ask and they’ll give you the information like it’s straight out from the Wikipedia site.

8. The Superfan Award

Everyone who knows this employee surely knows exactly who’s their favorite pop star or their all-time favorite movie. They have the biggest obsession that they couldn’t stop talking about these.

9. The Taskmaster Award

Shout out to this employee who can handle so many tasks at the same time without causing mistakes. They make it so easy that they deserve to be called a master.

10. The One Who Knows It All Award

This employee is just so good at collecting hot news. They always get to know things first and update the latest news for the rest of the team.

11. The Social Butterfly Award

A worthy award goes to the employee who knows everyone in the company. They’re definitely gifted with the ability to make friends with just anyone.

12. The Nameless Award

This is for the employee that always mistakes others’ names no matter how long they’ve been working with. Greet them and the next thing you know that you’re renamed to Jake!

13. The Nanny Award

This award is for that adorable employee who loves to take care of everyone in the office. They’ll immediately spot if you’re sick and make a ginger tea for you to feel better.

14. The Early Bird Award

You can never catch this employee being late for anything. They’ll always come in 5 minutes early for even sooner even if the sky is falling that day.

15. The Coffeeholic Award

The name has said it all. Give this award to the employee who, even though hasn’t had their breakfast, starts to drink their second cup of coffee. They just simply cannot go through a day without at least one cup of coffee.

16. The Always Late Award

No matter what happens, this person is always running late. They are just not destined to be on time despite their effort. Maybe this award will remind them to come a bit earlier next time?

17. The Thinks in Meme Award

Whenever something comes up, this person always sends a funny meme. It’s like thousands of memes on their phones and computers are waiting for the chance to come out. Looking for a meme that you don’t remember? Don’t worry, just ask this person.

18. The Hidden Talent Award

This title is for the employee who’s just so good at singing, dancing, or playing musical instruments that they could even pursue that kind of career instead of working here. They absolutely deserve this award.

19. The Storm Eye Award

In the moment of chaos, there’ll be this one employee who can remain so calm, just like the center of the storm. This person can quell any difficulties, any unexpected or urgent situation. Every company needs at least one of these.

20. The Event Planner Award

Totally cannot live without an employee like this in your workplace. When it comes to holidays or celebrations, this one can always come up with some amazing ideas to organize them. You’ll don’t have to worry about where/what/when to eat, drink, or hang out anymore.

The perks of having a joyful ceremony award in your company

A joyful ceremony with these funny award titles for employees will bring the best experience to all your team members.

After long hours of working with a lot of deadlines and stressful moments, your employees deserve to have these precious moments and a unique title just for them.

This not only boosts your employees’ energy, but also increases the overall productivity of your company. The positive energy here is immaculate!

Looking for more ideas to reward and motivate your staff? Check out 50 suggestions here.

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