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430 Cleaning Company Names: All The Ideas You Need

Your cleaning company name creates a strong first impression on potential customers. Having a memorable and unique name can also help them recognize and remember your business easily. In this post, we’ve compiled a list of cleaning company names to help you find one that both resonates with your business and catches clients’ impressions.

40 unique cleaning business names

A unique business name sets you apart from competitors. Catch the attention of clients with one of these unique names for a cleaning business:

  • Zenith Cleaning Services
  • Radiant Glow Cleaners
  • Blossom Broom Cleaning
  • Aegis Cleaning Company
  • Crystal Clear Scene
  • Pristine Clockwork Cleaners
  • Tranquil Zone Cleaning
  • Gemstone Glass Cleaners
  • Aspire Clean
  • Serene Maids
  • Revitalize Housekeeping
  • Blissful Euphoria Cleaning
  • Suds and Shine Cleaning
  • Miracle Genie Services
  • Harmony Cleaning Solutions
  • Aurora Housekeeping
  • Crisp Hope Cleaning Co.
  • Fresh Taste Cleaning Company
  • Wellness & Haven Maids
  • Celestial Cleaners
  • Guardian Cleaning Services
  • Nirvana Homekeeping
  • Frosted Castle Cleaning Co.
  • Nestled Home Cleaning
  • Effortless Place Cleaning Company
  • Pioneer Cleaning Services
  • Pure Spark Cleaning Solutions
  • Gleam Craft Cleaners
  • Purity Pulse Cleaning
  • Zenith Shine Solutions
  • Eco Sparkle Services
  • Radiant Haven Clean
  • Nimbus Broom Brigade
  • Enchant Mint Cleaning Co.
  • Velvet Touch Housekeeping
  • Crystal Vista Cleaners
  • Ethereal Echo Cleaning
  • Pure Canvas Maid Service
  • Beyond Dust Chronicles
  • Luminara Sweeps & Scrubs

Pro Tip: To make sure a name is available and safe to use, check the local trademark database by googling “Name + Your Area”.

60 professional cleaning company names

A professional name communicates a commitment to high standards, reliability, and expertise in the cleaning industry. Think about using professional cleaning company names such as:

  • Adoration Cleaners
  • Apex Maids
  • Allied Cleaning Solutions
  • Artisan Clean
  • Summit Housekeeping
  • Ascent Cleaning Co.
  • Premier Cleaning Solutions
  • Executive Cleaning
  • Prime Cleaning Services
  • Catalyst Cleaners
  • Vintage Cleaning Solutions
  • Full Spectrum Cleaning Company
  • Civility Cleaning
  • Devoted Cleaners
  • Reliant Cleaning Services
  • Meticulous Housekeeping
  • Apex Elevate Cleaning Co.
  • Enriched Cleaning Solutions
  • Paramount Cleaning Co.
  • Expertise Cleaning
  • Supreme Maids
  • Elegance Cleaning Services
  • Impeccable Housekeeping
  • Assured Clean
  • Radiance Cleaning Co.
  • Impression Cleaning Solutions
  • Motivate Cleaning Services
  • Leading Cleaning Company
  • Prodigy Cleaners
  • Meritorious Cleaning Solutions
  • Systematic Cleaning
  • Prime Optimum Services
  • Pinnacle Maids
  • Absolute Cleaning Company
  • Regal Cleaning Co.
  • Poised Cleaning Solutions
  • Reflective Housekeeping
  • Precision Cleaners
  • Prestigious Cleaning Services
  • Ready Set Housekeeping
  • Trust Cleaning Company
  • Signature Cleaners
  • Essence Cleaning Solutions
  • Eminent Maids
  • Triumph Cleaning Co.
  • Dynamic Cleaning Services
  • Vibrant Cleaning Company
  • Dynamic Cleaning Co.
  • Invigorate Cleaning Services
  • Distinctive Cleaning Company
  • Victory Maids
  • Vitalize Cleaning Solutions
  • Vigorous Cleaning Co.
  • Vivid Cleaning Services
  • Paramount Cleaning Company
  • Life Force Maids
  • Dynamic Cleaning Solutions
  • Pinnacle Cleaning Company
  • Evoke Cleaning Co.
  • Exquisite Cleaning Services

50 classy names for a cleaning business

An elegant, classy cleaning company name brings a sense of sophistication to your business and services. Consider names like:

  • Golden Elegance Cleaning Services
  • Enchanting Sapphire Solutions
  • Ivory Palace Cleaners
  • Satin Glow Housekeeping
  • Prestige Crystal Cleaning Co.
  • Silk Touch Cleaning Company
  • Divine Radiance Maids
  • Luminous Opulence Cleaning
  • Regal Heirloom Solutions
  • Velvet Lux Cleaning Co.
  • Ethereal Glow Cleaners
  • Epicurean Jewels Maids
  • Harmony Elite Cleaning
  • Amethyst Gleam Co.
  • Elite Glamour Solutions
  • Aether House Housekeeping
  • Plush Aura Cleaning Company
  • Couture Gold Standard
  • Celestial Sanctuary Cleaning Co.
  • Heirloom Harmony Cleaning Services
  • Exquisite Jade Maids
  • Elite Luster Solutions
  • Sumptuous Purity Cleaners
  • Palatial Pristine Cleaning Co.
  • Imperial Rhapsody Housekeeping
  • Ethereal Charm Maids
  • Gilded Rosewater Solutions
  • Majestic Monarch Cleaners
  • Pure Harmony Cleaning Company
  • Pearl Purity Clean
  • Sapphire Spark Housekeeping
  • Opulent Virtue Cleaning Co.
  • Glossy Noble Services
  • Luxe Elysium Cleaning
  • Glinting Star Cleaners
  • Radiant Splendor Solutions
  • Urbane Uplift Maids
  • Opal Opulence Cleaners
  • Celestial Elegance Cleaning Co.
  • Velvet Essence Solutions
  • Regency Radiance Maids
  • Ethereal Harmony Housekeeping
  • Majestic Silk Cleaning Services
  • Seraphic Splendor Solutions
  • Luxe Luminosity Cleaners
  • Imperial Gleam Housekeeping
  • Posh Radiance Cleaning Co.
  • Grandeur Glow Services
  • Refined Luminescence Maids
  • Sovereign Spark Cleaning

Pro Tip: Use keywords such as “cleaning”, “housekeeping”, “maid”, cleaner” in your business name. This helps potential clients recognize what you do quickly and they can discover you more easily online.

30 catchy cleaning company names

In a world where first impressions matter, a memorable and catchy name can make your business stand out and linger in the minds of potential customers. Try one of these catchy cleaning company names:

  • Sweep Smart Cleaners
  • Sparkle Sprint Cleaning
  • Breezy Bright Maids
  • Fresh Fiesta Clean
  • Purity Pulse Cleaning Co.
  • Zenith Zest Solutions
  • Gleam Grove Housekeeping
  • Swift Shine Cleaning
  • Radiant Ripple Cleaners
  • Lively Luster Maids
  • Whirl Wish Cleaning
  • Vibrant Vogue Solutions
  • Snap Spruce Housekeeping
  • Echo Elite Cleaners
  • Zest Zing Cleaning Co.
  • Posh Polish Maids
  • Dynamic DustBuster Solutions
  • Splash Spark Housekeeping
  • Vivid Vortex Cleaning
  • Zing Zap Cleaners
  • Sparkle Sprint Cleaning
  • Clean Wave Solutions
  • DustBuster Dynamic
  • Fresh Flick Cleaners
  • Shine Swift Services
  • Spotless Surge Maids
  • Gleam Groove Cleaning Co.
  • Pure Vortex Solutions
  • Swift Scrub Cleaners
  • Radiant Rush Housekeeping

Pro Tip: Experiment with wordplay, puns, rhymes, and acronyms to come up with creative names for your company. For example, Scrub Hub, Swift Sweep, Purrfectly Clean, or Witty Wipe Maids.

30 clever cleaning company names

A clever name can bring a professional and reliable vibe to your cleaning business. Consider one of these clever cleaning company names:

  • Grand Glisten Cleaners
  • Paintbrush Haste Cleaning
  • Froth Fizz Cleaning Solutions
  • Pure Touch Housekeeping
  • Diamond Shine Cleaners
  • Neat Sweep
  • Fresh Launch Housekeepers
  • Dust Dismissal
  • Swift Dusting Cleaning
  • Energy Elbow Housekeeping
  • Crisp Breeze Clean Services
  • Eco Gleam Solutions
  • Eagerly Clean
  • Shade-Made Maids
  • Primed Maids
  • Tidy Ready Clean
  • Lather Love Cleaning Co.
  • Misty Fresh Services
  • Whisk Broom Cleaning
  • Chores Adoration Cleaning
  • Clear Path Cleaners
  • Rapid Brush Solutions
  • Sparkling Dash Housekeeping
  • Breathe Easy Cleaning Services
  • Green Sweep Solutions
  • Spotlessly Keen
  • Sunny Maids
  • Set to Shine Clean
  • Club Scrub Cleaning Co.
  • Adore & Restore Chores

40 funny cleaning company names

A funny name can bring a smile to clients’ faces, and of course, make your business stand out. Consider these funny cleaning company names:

  • Gleeful Glisten Housekeeping
  • Chuckle Butler Cleaning Co.
  • Quirk ‘n’ Clean
  • Laughable Tidying Maids
  • Tailor Maid
  • Fuzzy Dust Cleaning Co.
  • Giggly Dust Patrol
  • Prankster Maids Services
  • Maid Magic Cleaning
  • Witty Clean
  • Aromantic Housekeeping
  • Soap Opera Cleaners
  • Homely Chuckles Maids
  • Maid Whiz Cleaning Company
  • Jestful Clean
  • Express Maid Housekeeping
  • Sunny Side Cleaners
  • Pledge Maid
  • Wit Maid Cleaning Services
  • Fragrance Fun Cleaning Co.
  • Chuckle Scrub Cleaners
  • Misting Day Cleaning Solutions
  • Whimsical Beauty Maids
  • That’s a Chuckle Cleaning

60 cute cleaning company names

Cute names can evoke a friendly, lighthearted, and approachable vibe. Here are some cute cleaning company names you can consider:

  • Tulip Tenderness Cleaning
  • Velvet Petal Housekeepers
  • Dainty Dew Cleaning Co.
  • Cuddle Breeze Cleaners
  • Evergreen Glee Cleaning
  • Whispering Wind Housekeeping
  • Bubbling Brook Clean Co.
  • Twilight Sparkle Solutions
  • Candy Floss Cleaning Services
  • Secret Garden Cleaners
  • Aloe Vera Sparkle Cleaners
  • Blessing Mess Mates
  • Pure Blissful Clean
  • Frothy Bubble Clean Co.
  • Joyful Cleanse
  • Blossoming Cherry Cleaning
  • Eco Harmony Maids
  • Bright Light Housekeepers
  • Angelic Clean Crew
  • Rural Refresh Cleaners
  • Snug Clean
  • Fresh Daisy Clean Co.
  • Pure Delight Cleansing
  • Glistening Dewdrops Services
  • Effortless Breeze Housekeepers
  • Enchanted Tale Cleaning Solutions
  • Verdant Leaf Clean Company
  • Merry Place Cleaning Services
  • Heartfelt Home Cleaning
  • Cozy Hearth Clean Co.
  • Gnomey Home Cleaners
  • Sweet Nest Cleaning
  • Honey Hive Housekeeping
  • Dewy Honeydew Solutions
  • Homely Dwelling Cleaning
  • Jubilant Clean Crew
  • Gentle Earth Clean Co.
  • Lavender Scented Cleaning
  • Citrus Grove Housekeepers
  • Lemongrass Meadows Cleaning Co.
  • Lilac Dreams Cleaners
  • Affectionate Clean
  • Enchanting Maids
  • Meadow Blossom Clean Co.
  • Minty Fresh Cleaning
  • Moonlit Wash Solutions
  • Cozy Oats & Honey Clean
  • Orange Essence Maids
  • Peppermint Patty Clean Company
  • Royal Princess Cleaning
  • Ocean Breeze Housekeepers
  • Sudsy Soapsud Clean Co.
  • Blossom Spring Cleaning
  • Stardust Shimmer Solutions
  • Sunshine Bloom Clean Company
  • Floral Sunbeam Services
  • Sweet Petal Housekeepers
  • Droplet Maids
  • Whimsical Rose Cleaning Services
  • Wildflower Bloom Solutions
  • Enchanted Wonderland Clean Co.

60 personal names for cleaning companies

Business owners can use their own names for their cleaning company. Here are some inspirations to get you started:

  • Adams Cleaning Crew
  • Anderson Family Cleaning
  • Bennett Housekeeping
  • Brooks Cleaning Services
  • Carlson Cleaning Co.
  • Chavez Cleaning Solutions
  • Collins Brothers Cleaning
  • Crawford Cleaning Company
  • Daniels Cleaning Services
  • Donovan Housekeeping
  • Ellis Maid Service
  • Fernandez Family Cleaning
  • Fisher Cleaners
  • Fuller Cleaning Solutions
  • Gomez Cleaning Co.
  • Griffin Cleaning Services
  • Hayes Housekeeping
  • Hernandez Cleaners
  • Howard Family Cleaning
  • Ingram Maid Service
  • Jensen Cleaning Company
  • Keller Cleaning Services
  • Knight Cleaning Co.
  • Larson Cleaning Solutions
  • Little Brothers Cleaning
  • Marsh Housekeeping
  • Matthews & Daughters Cleaners
  • Mendez Cleaning Solutions
  • Mills Maids
  • Morales Cleaning Co.
  • Nguyen Sisters Cleaning
  • Oliver Cleaning Services
  • Parker Cleaning Company
  • Perry Housekeeping
  • Porter Cleaning Solutions
  • Ramos Maid Service
  • Reynolds Cleaning Co.
  • Riley Cleaning
  • Sanchez Cleaning Company
  • Saunders Cleaning Services
  • Sherman Housekeeping
  • Silva Cleaning Solutions
  • Spencer & Sons Cleaning Co.
  • Stephens Cleaners
  • Sullivan Housekeeping
  • Taylor Cleaning Solutions
  • Tucker & Daughters Cleaning
  • Vaughn Housekeeping
  • Warren Cleaning Solutions
  • Weaver Cleaning Co.
  • Welch Cleaning Services
  • West Cleaning Company
  • Wheeler Housekeeping
  • Williams & Daughters Cleaning
  • Willis Cleaning Solutions
  • Wood Cleaning Co.
  • Wyatt Cleaning Services
  • Yates Cleaning Company
  • Zimmerman Housekeeping
  • Zuniga Cleaning Solutions

Pro Tip: If you have intentions to sell your business later in the future, using personal names can be confusing for customers. Choosing a more neutral or brand-oriented name can help with smoother transitions and long-term business sustainability.

60 location-based cleaning company name ideas

Cleaning company names based on your area, city, or state can be beneficial for local companies. Customers often search for keywords like “cleaning service in Texas” and a location-based name can quickly stand out in these situations. Try these names:

  • Raleigh Radiance Cleaning
  • Bayou Bliss Cleaning Co.
  • Rocky Mountain Refresh Cleaning
  • Golden Gate City Cleaners
  • Bluegrass Breeze Cleaning Solutions
  • Everglades Essence Housekeeping
  • Red Rock Oasis Cleaning Company
  • Cascade City Cleaning
  • Peach State Sparkle Cleaning Services
  • Heartland Harmony Maids
  • Austin Cleaning Crew
  • Augusta Cleaning Solutions
  • Arkansas Cleaning Co.
  • Asheville Cleaning Services
  • Chicago Cleaners
  • Colorado Cleaning Company
  • Carson Valley Cleaning
  • Charleston Housekeeping
  • Concordia Maids
  • Dallas Cleaning Services
  • Dover Delight Cleaning Solutions
  • El Paso Enchant Cleaning Co.
  • Fort Bliss Cleaning
  • Fresno Fresh Cleaners
  • Grand Canyon State Cleaning Services
  • Hartford Haven Cleaning Company
  • Houston Heights Housekeeping
  • Kansas Sunflower Cleaning
  • Lansing Luster Maids
  • Lincolnshire Housekeeping
  • LA Metro Cleaning Co.
  • Louisville Louvre Cleaning Solutions
  • Memphis Blues Cleaning Company
  • Miami Magic Cleaning Services
  • Milwaukee Marvel Maids
  • Music City Nashville Cleaners
  • Granite State Cleaning
  • NOLA Sparkle Cleaning Co.
  • Oakland Oasis Housekeeping
  • Olympia Serenity Cleaning Services
  • Omaha Opulence Cleaning
  • Philly Fresh Cleaning Company
  • Copper State Phoenix Cleaning Solutions
  • PDX Serenity Housekeeping
  • Renaissance Raleigh Cleaning Services
  • Richmond Regal Cleaning Company
  • Gold Rush Sacramento Cleaning Co.
  • Twin Cities Saint Paul Cleaning
  • Salt Lake Serene City Maids
  • Alamo City San Antonio Cleaning Solutions
  • Silicon Valley San Jose Housekeeping
  • Santa Fe Serendipity Cleaning Co.
  • Emerald City Seattle Cleaning
  • Sunshine State Tallahassee Cleaners
  • Topeka Tranquil Cleaning Services
  • Tulsa Tranquility Cleaning Company
  • Old Dominion Virginia Cleaning Solutions
  • Capitol City Washington Housekeeping
  • Cowboy State Wyoming Cleaning
  • Evergreen Emerald City Cleaning Co.

6 examples of cleaning business names

Looking for some real-life cleaning company names? Here are some to inspire you:

  • Merry Maids. A cheerful and friendly name that’s catchy and easy to remember.
  • Deluxe Maid. The use of “Deluxe” adds a touch of luxury and suggests a high-quality cleaning service.
  • Saigon Cleaning Home. This name includes the name of a city, which can make it appeal to local customers.
  • Sophia’s Cleaning. Including the name of the business owner adds a touch of warmth and personalization to the company name.
  • Top Mops Cleaning Service. The wordplay with “Top Mops” is clever and communicates a top-notch service.
  • Cleaning Express. This name conveys speed and efficiency. It suggests a quick and effective cleaning service.

What makes a good cleaning company name?

Here are some main characteristics of good cleaning company names:

  • They’re easy to remember, spell, and pronounce. It should be simple for customers to remember your business name, share about you through word of mouth, or type your name on Google Search.
  • They tell people what you do and offer. Do you offer cleaning services? Residential or commercial?
  • They match the feeling and vibe of your business. For example, if you want to build a friendly and approachable vibe, you can pick a name that is cute or lighthearted.
  • They’re unique. You’ll need a name that is unique enough for your business to stand out in the market, especially in the area you target. If customers search for you and a business with the same name appears, it would be confusing.

    How to name my cleaning business?

    Stuck on finding the right name for your cleaning company? Maybe try following these steps to figure one out for your company:

    • Highlight what makes you different from your competitors and how you want clients to perceive your company. Is your cleaning service more eco-friendly, efficient, cost-effective, or specialized in specific areas like offices, retail spaces, or houses of all sizes? Do you want to build a professional and reliable image, or a more friendly and lighthearted one?
    • Create a list of potential names. You can brainstorm your own names, use the suggestions in this post, or use a cleaning business name generator to get started.
    • Shortlist names that are clear, easy to remember, and one-of-a-kind.
    • Seek input from family, friends, and some customers. You can ask what they prefer or create a poll and let them vote.
    • Finally pick a name that you like, aligns with your business, and resonates with your target customers.

    How to register your cleaning company name

    Once you’ve decided on a name for your cleaning company and the name is available to use, you’ll need to register the name.

    Registering the name protects your business identity legally, prevents other businesses from using a similar or same name, and stays compliant with legal obligations in many regions. Legal requirements vary in different regions, states, and countries, so make sure to research carefully and consult with an expert.

    Here’s how you can register your cleaning business name:

    United States

    • Register your business entity. Decide on the legal structure of your cleaning company, such as sole proprietorship, LLC, or corporation. Then register your business entity with the appropriate state authorities. This ensures that your business operates with a unique identity within your state, giving your business legal protection and helping you avoid confusion in the marketplace.
    • Trademark the name. Check the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to verify that the chosen name isn’t already trademarked by someone else. If not, trademark the name.
    • Register a Doing Business As (DBA) Name (if applicable). If you plan to operate under a name different from your legal business entity name, you’ll need to register a DBA name with the appropriate local authorities.

    United Kingdom

    Registering a name for your cleaning company in the UK includes these main steps:


    In Canada, if your business name is your legal name, you don’t need to register it. But if it’s different, follow these steps:

    • Register your corporate name with your province.
    • Register a trade name. The trade name is another name you use that’s different from your corporate name.
    • Incorporate the name (optional). Incorporating gives you exclusive name rights.
    • Trademark the name. Trademarking gives you long-term protection and proof of ownership.


    You don’t need to register a business name if you’re using your personal name.

    You can register a business name in Australia via ASIC Connect. But you’ll need to apply for an Australian Business Number (ABN) and register your business first.

    To register and renew your business name, you can also work with a private services provider such as an accountant or solicitor.

    Pro Tip: Spread your presence online by having a website for your cleaning business. The first step is to register a domain name for your website. Buy a domain from a reputable domain registrar and renew it annually.

    I’ve named my cleaning business. What should I do next?

    Once you’ve chosen a cleaning company name and registered it, you can:

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