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7 Benefits of Volunteering for Your Business

Have you ever wondered if there was a way to develop your business while giving back to the community? We’re sure you have. The benefits of volunteering are unarguable. It not only makes the world a better place to live in, but also makes all of us feel better.

So, let’s learn more about 7 benefits of giving back and how it can help your business grow.

1. Happier employees

Studies have shown that the happier employees are, the more productive they’ll become. Although there are other factors that affect employee satisfaction and that you can’t understand or control, volunteering will provide your employees with opportunities to connect, engage, and bring value to the community.

Businesses that have volunteering programs reported that their retention problems and sick leaves were reduced. It’s because their employees want to work in a team that values them and gives back. Volunteering has turned your workplace culture into a source of joy, which in turn contributes to employees’ happiness.

2. Improve skills for your employees

Volunteering requires your staff to spend time with people from different backgrounds, organize activities, calculate budgets, and gain multiple experiences. Through those activities, employees develop the skills of communication, critical thinking, problem-solving, and beyond. These skills certainly have a positive impact on their current job and morale at work.

3. Improve business culture and communication

benefits of volunteering help to improve communication in the workplace

One of the biggest benefits of volunteering for business is the improvement in communication and workplace culture. This helps people overcome conflicts and collaborate effectively. Team members work as a family and support each other to achieve their mutual goals.

In daily work, employees may not have enough time to develop and nurture relationships with colleagues. They can work together for years and still don’t know much about each other personally. Volunteering provides opportunities for staff to get to know each other better. Plus, it improves communication, enhances business culture, and develops ethical values. 

4. Healthier employees

According to a study by Jessica Rodell from Georgia University, there is a positive correlation between volunteering and a better working experience. When participating in volunteering, the body releases a certain amount of oxytocin (a hormone that improves mood), and at the same time minimizes the effects of cortisol (the hormone that causes stress and sadness). 

When oxytocin is produced, serotonin and dopamine are also increased. These hormones reduce stress, improve the sense of well-being, and make employees feel passionate about the things they do. The higher the oxytocin concentration in the body, the more people tend to help others. So basically, it’s a meaningful and useful loop.

By doing volunteer work, your employees’ mental health can be improved. This will make a positive impact on their daily work and work efficiency.

5. Create community goodwill

Have you ever thought about how much money you’ve spent on advertising, both online and offline? Advertising and marketing campaigns are getting more complicated and expensive. And it takes a while for your business to be known by the audience. Plus, you can’t really see your expected return on investment (ROI) right away and in a short amount of time.

Contact schools, NGOs, or local nurseries and do volunteer work for them. It’s a form of advertising and enhancing the image of your business. People are flooded with ads every single day and they tend to ignore them. Giving back to society increases your business’ exposure to those who might not have seen your ad.

6. Find talents and future leaders

Good salaries and benefits are no longer the only factors influencing the decision to work for a certain company. The new generation of employees is now increasingly interested in social responsibility and volunteer programs. By showing your support for socially conscious activities, you’re attracting talented candidates who care about giving back.

Moreover, through volunteering, leaders can discover which team member has the natural aptitude for leading and who possesses hidden talents. The activities unleash employees’ leadership, time management, teamwork, and other skills—which you might rarely see while they do their usual tasks. 

From your observation through volunteering activities, you can consider creating more development and training opportunities that match employees’ strengths and weaknesses.

7. Win publicity

benefits of volunteering helps to improve company's brand image

Of course, the main purpose of volunteering programs shouldn’t be fame and glory. But when talking about the benefits of volunteering, we can’t forget publicity. Having the attention of the public opens new doors for you and grants opportunities to develop your business.

Organize free check-ups for children if you’re running a clinic. Provide free meals for underprivileged families if you’re running a restaurant. Your acts of kindness will get the attention of local media channels.

Local newspapers may notice your act of giving back and write articles about your business. This will enhance your chance of reaching different groups of customers who haven’t heard about your business before.

The power of volunteering

Whether you’re a small business or a larger corporation, the benefits of volunteering are obvious. Giving back to the community not only makes a difference to society, but also reaps major rewards for your own business.

If you are still hesitant about whether or not volunteering is right for your company, you might be surprised at how much you can gain from the experience.

Just take the plunge and happy volunteering!

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