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How to Write a Restaurant Manager Job Description [Template Included]

Finding an excellent manager can determine your restaurant’s success. To find eligible candidates, you need to have a detailed restaurant manager job description.

Don’t know where to start? This post will help you create a perfect job description for finding a restaurant manager. We also include a customizable template so you can adjust it depending on your needs. 

Job profile

Restaurant managers are in charge of leading and maintaining the restaurant workflow. They handle restaurant marketing campaigns, staff recruitment and hiring, training, food quality control, menu development, greeting and serving guests.

You can put the information above in the job summary, or you can get more into details about what they do based on your restaurants’ demand. A job brief like this can work:

“We are hiring a Restaurant Manager to oversee all aspects of our operation. You’ll prepare a high-quality menu and manage our employees to provide outstanding customer service.

The sales, profitability, and efficiency targets of the restaurant are among the duties of the restaurant manager. You will make sure the restaurant runs smoothly and that efficiency, productivity, quality, and customer service are all up to par.

You’ll need organizational skills and experience in both the front and back of the house to succeed in this role. We want you to be able to manage the dining room, check in with customers, and keep seating space in check. You will also be responsible for hiring skilled chefs and staff, setting work schedules, overseeing food preparation, and ensuring that we follow all health regulations.

We’ll look to you to set an example and encourage our team during hectic times in our fast-paced setting. Finally, you can ensure that our restaurant runs smoothly and that our customers enjoy their meals.”

Responsibilities of a restaurant manager

You can now make it more specific. In this section, you can list all of the tasks that the restaurant manager would be responsible for on a daily basis. Include critical duties such as scheduling staff vacation days or supervising shifts and operations.

  • Manage and supervise the restaurant’s entire service.
  • Provide excellent customer service
  • Ensure customer loyalty
  • Create and implement guest loyalty services
  • Create new menus and revise old ones
  • Plan and implement a comprehensive restaurant marketing strategy
  • Participate in local food activities and respond to customer inquiries and complaints quickly
  • Organize and manage shifts
  • Hire and train new employees
  • Calculate future purchases of goods, kitchen utensils, and cleaning supplies
  • Ensure the sanitation and safety laws are followed
  • Manage the restaurant’s positive picture and make suggestions about how to enhance it
  • Control operation costs and look for ways to reduce waste
  • Create accurate reports on revenue and expenditures on a weekly, monthly, and annual basis
  • Create a pleasant working atmosphere
  • Keep an eye on things and take corrective measures when necessary
  • Boost efficiency and revenue by implementing creative techniques

Qualifications of a restaurant manager

In this section, you can list the minimum requirements that you look for in a restaurant manager. It includes education, experience, certifications, or anything that is relevant to the job.

  • Experienced as a Restaurant Manager, Restaurant General Manager, Hospitality Manager, or a similar position in the past
  • Must have professional, demonstrated customer service skills
  • Food and beverage expertise, including the ability to remember and recall ingredients and dishes in order to alert consumers and wait staff
  • Knowledge of restaurant management applications
  • Leadership skills, and ability to motivate people
  • Financial management skills
  • Degree in Business Administration, or Culinary is a plus

Download restaurant manager job description template

Writing a restaurant manager job description isn’t hard if you know exactly what you want to look for in your candidates. Make a copy of this restaurant manager job description template to quickly customize it for your business. Based on your restaurant’s scale, current situations and demands, you can add or omit requirements to optimize the recruitment process. 

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