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How to Write a Job Description for Any Position [Template Included]

To attract qualified and suitable candidates for your business, you need a great job description.

In this post, we’ll show you how to write a great job description. We even create a template so you can quickly customize it for your business!

Identify the skills and traits required for the position

Each position requires different skills and traits. A barista needs to have knowledge about coffee and how to make a variety of beverages. A waitress needs to be polite and friendly to customers.

So, the first thing you need to do is to make a list of the skills and traits you think are important for the position you’re hiring. Some traits that we recommend you consider include:


In today’s fast-paced world, adaptability is a vital skill that every employee needs.

Communication skills

Good communication skills are essential, especially if your business is in the service industry. Communication skills not only attract customers and make them want to come back, but also make it easier for colleagues to interact and exchange information.

Your employees don’t have to be the smoothest talkers, but their communication should be relevant, polite, and constructive.


The ability to work efficiently within a team is no doubt necessary in today’s all-about-teamwork world. Teamwork skills enable employees to communicate ideas and collaborate more effectively, avoiding disruption and obstacles in the working process.

Good manners

This is an important aspect no matter what job you’re hiring. Good manners ensure that the employees interact with coworkers and customers more appropriately and politely, enhancing customer experience and bettering teamwork.

How to write a great job description

Right after listing out all the skills and traits needed for the position, it’s time to start crafting a great job description. There are 5 main parts of a job description.

  • Job title
  • Job summary
  • Responsibilities
  • Requirements/Qualifications
  • Benefits

Let’s go through each of these parts.

1. Job title

The job title states what the person does. It should be short and straightforward. For example: head chef, waiter, social media manager, etc.

2. Job summary

Here’s where you describe briefly your company and your expectations. You can put in the skills and traits you’ve listed before.

3. Responsibilities

Here’s where you write down the details and duties of the job.

4. Requirements

List out required qualifications, certifications, skills, traits, experience for the job.

5. Benefits

Write a list of benefits you can offer to employees of this position.

Besides the above 5 main parts, you can add more information, as long as it’s relevant and attractive to candidates. Giving more details about your company, how to apply, and steps of the recruitment process is what many companies do.

Job description example (template included)

Now you know all the necessary parts of a great job description, it’s time to put it into practice. Here’s an example of a job description. You can tailor it according to the position you’re hiring and your business needs.

Hiring: Barista

We’re L’amant Coffee—a small coffee shop located in Vancouver. We’re seeking a barista to join our team. We welcome candidates who have a passion for coffee varieties and the art of making coffee. The successful candidate will be responsible for making top-rated coffee and beverages with a friendly and professional attitude.


  • Deliver friendly and warm service
  • Work with other baristas and servers to deliver beverages promptly
  • Maintain cleanliness of the bar areas and the store
  • Maintain the safety and cleanliness of the beverages
  • Maintain a professional and clean appearance
  • Maintain a calm attitude and behaviors during busy times


  • Previous experience is preferred
  • Barista certification
  • Enthusiasm for coffee and beverages
  • Willingness to learn


  • Competitive rate
  • Employee discount
  • Free uniforms
  • Fitness discount
  • Flexible schedule

How to Appy/Contact

Interested candidates can send CVs to our email at

Thank you and good luck!

You can make a copy of the job description template here and customize it to suit your business’ hiring needs.

Now it’s time to write your own job descriptions

With the help of templates, writing a great job description is surely an easy feat. Simply follow the steps listed above and adjust information to suit your business, you’ll be ready to welcome some potential candidates!

You’ve already had a perfect job description? Read about how to find employees for your business.

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