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7 Hiring Services for Small Businesses

The competition between large and small businesses, as well as between small ones, involves recruiting and hiring good employees. 

Large companies with big budgets can easily afford internal recruiters or outsourced headhunters. They offer more attractive career development opportunities and job benefits.

However, it doesn’t mean that small businesses can’t hire qualified staff. Many people still prefer to work for smaller teams. Employees work closely together, take on different responsibilities, and see the impact of their hard work on the company.

But finding free, affordable tools and platforms for hiring can be challenging if you have a tight budget. So, here are 10 hiring services for small businesses that you should check out.


As a networking site for professionals, LinkedIn is a go-to resource for managers looking for employees. LinkedIn offer recruitment solutions to businesses of all sizes, so you can find one that suits your needs.

If you want to browse for candidates for free, this platform allows you to search for candidates using multiple filters, from location, experience level to industry. You can view details of each candidate’s background and reach out to them through the chat feature.


JazzHR is an applicant tracking system that allows you to create and distribute job postings. You can also track different stages of recruitment, from the submission stage to the hiring stage. Reporting and compliance tools are included to streamline the process. 

Besides, JazzHR allows you to upload job descriptions and distribute them to a variety of employment websites such as Indeed, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and more. You can also digitize all documents related to hiring new employees.


As one of the most popular job sites, CareerBuilder is a great place to start for recruiters. The number of candidates applying for jobs here is huge, so you can find some for your small business.

The site also offers a variety of tools to attract top talent, including applicant tracking, background checks and verification options.

Facebook Jobs

Facebook Jobs was launched to connect workers who need jobs with businesses that need employees. It’s useful for local small businesses, especially brick-and-mortar ones, to find workers nearby. However, you’ll need to run your own recruitment and onboarding process.


SmartRecruiters’ mission is to make the online recruitment and candidate selection processes as simple as possible. They offer many free recruiting resources, from toolkits to ebooks and templates.


GoCo is another complete software package that helps you manage new and existing employees. Recruitment and onboarding are the two big pieces of the GoCo puzzle, helping you digitize and automate as many processes as possible. Once new employees are hired, GoCo can help you manage them, track their performance, and monitor payroll.


ClearCompany enables you to find new employees and get them on the list. They offer solutions for talent acquisition, performance management, and workforce analysis. You can monitor the whole recruitment, onboarding, and review process.


Although hiring can be more challenging for small businesses, using the right tools and platforms can help you find good employees. Take the time to try out the above hiring services to see which one suits your business.

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